Named after the classic mountain section of the Tour de France-Mont Ventoux.

Total Weight

1394 g



TOKEN has launched 3 all new high end carbon fiber wheelsets.

Each wheel has been meticulously developed to provide exceptional strength to weight ratio. The wheelsets are the Ventous - 36mm , the Konax Pro - 52mm, and the Konax Tri - 76mm. They are ready to hit the road in both rim or disc brake versions.

VENTOUS is named after the classic mountain section of the Tour de France-Mont Ventoux.

The carefully calculated 36mm low profile rims are suitable for climbing; allowing you to fly up the hills with ease, while also performing exceptionally well on the flats roads and speedy descents ! The ultra-wide rim design with an outer width of 27.4mm and an inner width of 20mm ensures sound handling and the safety of your ride without compromising the popular trend of aerodynamics

Rim Height
36.3 mm

Tyre Type
Tubeless Ready

Rim Material
Carbon Fibre

Bearing Type

1394 g

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Crash Replacement Policy
Premium Bearings
Tubeless Ready
UCI Approved
Weapons Grade Machining



Tyre Type Tubeless Ready
Weight 623 g (f) / 771 g (r), total: 1394 g
Rim Diameter 700c
Rim Material Carbon Fibre
Rim Width (External) 27.2 mm
Rim Width (Internal) 22.6 mm
Rim Height 36.3 mm
Nipples Internal
Cassette Compatibility Shimano 10-12s / SRAM 10-11s or SRAM XDR
Spoke Lacing 2 cross (f) and 2 cross (r)
Spoke Count 24 (f) and 24 (r)
Spoke Type Pillar Wing 21 Straight
Hub Type D1
Bearing Count 2 (f) and 4 (r)
Bearing Type Premium
Brake Compatibility Center Lock
Spacing Front: 9 x 100 QR and 12 x 100 mm Thru Axle
Rear: 10 x 135 QR and 12 x 142 mm Thru Axle
Product Code C36D

Maximum Tyre Pressure: 72psiĀ (with or without tube)
Recommended Tyre Size: 700x25c - 700x32c
Recommended Weight Limit: 100kg